Family Artwork
Soap Box Derby

Jack Frost Donuts

Established in 1929 by the Frost Family.  It was a family owned and operated business for 3 generations, with one of the first drive-thru service windows, until 2015 when it was purchased by the current owner.  Because of the great foundation laid out by the original family, new management strives to uphold and build on the solid reputation established. Although new products have been added, all are based on the 'original recipes' and practices.  Jack Frost Donuts is a family friendly establishment and offers carry out, drive-thru and eat in options.




We do it the old-fashioned way: one batch at a time.  This allows us to remain true to the original processes.  And we only use the best ingredients available to assure a consistent end product.  We make our own icings, glaze and some of the fillings.

However, because we batch fresh every day, we tend to sell out.  Once the product is gone, it's gone.  So we highly recommend pre-ordering to make sure you get everything you have been craving from Jack Frost Donuts.